Wednesday, May 07, 2008

All 2008 summer ministry locations finalized

We've now confirmed our final two ministry partners for this summer! We'll be making a return to Honduras to continue working with our longstanding partners in YFC there. We'll also be sending a team to Trinidad to forge a new partnership with YFC!

The nation of Trinidad is officially known as "Trinidad and Tobego." These are two separate islands that comprise one nation (lest anyone hear "Trinidad and Tobego" and think they are two separate countries.) The country lies at the extreme southern end of the Caribbean island chain - the main island of Trinidad is about 20 miles off the coast of Venezuela.

One of YFC's primary means of ministry in Trinidad is through "day camps." Our team will be involved in publicizing these camps through nighttime concerts for kids (ages 5-18) designed to increase awareness of and interest in attending the camps.. There are also plans for ministry in schools as well as street and "community center" ministry. It will be an exciting adventure for our team to explore ways to help YFC share the Gospel there!