Tuesday, October 30, 2007

CTI launches annual campaign “Beyond the Music”

“Beyond the Music lies the true passion of Christ. It’s a message of God’s love for a world that has gone astray. Music draws a young Christian to express his soul. Music entices a young listener to consider truth in a disarming way. CTI connects these young people with one another, and they are changed in God’s presence. This is what we do. This is CTI Music Ministries.”

As CTI embarks on another fiscal year, we are taking a systematic approach to meeting our budget. 55% of our budget is raised by participating music missionaries. The remaining 45% is given by families, individuals and private businesses so we can make CTI participation as accessible as possible for young musicians. The annual campaign is the cornerstone of this remaining fundraising needed to meet our operational budget.

Our goal is 100% participation of CTI friends and supporters to raise $120,000 to help sustain the ministry. Every gift is meaningful and significant regardless of its size. Please join us in going “Beyond the Music”, and consider your part in supporting us financially. To learn more, visit CTImusic.org and click the downloadable brochure. You can also give a donation by clicking the “Beyond the Music” link on the homepage.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Fulltime teams overseas

Our fulltime teams have entered the international phase of their ministry this week. 14:21 reported their safe arrival in Singapore this AM via phone while 1422 checked in from the ground in Hong Kong via e-mail. Both teams will be spending a month abroad working with the YFC charter in their respective countries.

Check each team's blog for more specific updates.