Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mexico lands; Taiwan takes off!

The Taiwan team had a safe and complete check-in last night and is underway. They are scheduled to arrive at 6:25am Taipei time on Friday morning - that'll be 5:25 Thursday evening U.S. Central time.

Meanwhile, the Mexico team has reported their safe arrival in Chapala. They hit the ground running last night as they set up and led a time of worship for "Kings Kids" - a YWAM program meeting on the base where they will stay for the month.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mexico and Guatemala checked in

The Mexico team checked in very early this morning and has already reported their on-time connection in Dallas for the last leg of their journey into Guadalajara. Look for contact from them soon on their update page.

The Guatemala team left Willmar very early this AM and has successfully checked through with all of their equipment at MSP. They have a scheduled connection in Dallas.

Our Taiwan team will be checking in this evening.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

All round 1 teams safely home

All three of our round 1 teams did make it safely back to the States this week.

Singapore returned as planned and on schedule, spent the night in a hotel in Minneapolis, and was able to attend debriefing day activities in Willmar on Wednesday.

St. Vincent was next to arrive. The team was delayed by a day due to some schedule problems with the airlines. They arrive mid-afternoon on Wednesday. Much of their written debriefing work had been sent ahead for them to do while they were delayed in Puerto Rico, and we had a great time of oral debriefing during the van ride back to Willmar from Minneapolis. The team was still able to give their final concert.

The Honduras team was delayed outside of San Pedro Sula. As a result, their departure itinerary was bumped by an entire day. Accordingly, they didn't land in the US until after 10 pm on the night of debriefing day (meaning they missed it.) Like the St. Vincent team, the Honduras team completed their written debriefing while delayed in San Pedro Sula. We held our oral debriefing at their hotel in the cities. About half of them departed from Minneapolis the next morning while the other half returned to Willmar to meet family and friends, etc.

All the team members have safely departed Willmar for their individual homes now. Thanks, team members, for giving of your time over the last 6 weeks!

Sorry for the delay in posting this news- it's been a busy week!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Round 1 teams travel update

Here's an update on the return travels of teams SINGAPORE, HONDURAS and ST. VINCENT:

The SINGAPORE team (which traveled the farthest) wins the award for making it back to the States first! They're all here and safe, staying in a hotel in Minneapolis tonight and will return to Willmar on Wednesday.

Our ST. VINCENT team encountered some delays with the airlines and missed their connecting flight out of Puerto Rico (wait, didn't this happen on the way down?? (yes) ). They'll spend the night there and will fly on to Minneapolis on Wednesday (half of them through Chicago, half through Dallas.) They should all arrive in Minneapolis by 5 or so - we hope to have them back in Willmar by 8:00. They'll miss the public Q&A but are working through some closure materials now in Puerto Rico. Hopefully they'll be able to get up on stage and still give their final concert back in Willmar.

The HONDURAS team ran into some transportation difficulties on the ground and was unable to make it to the airport on time. The airline is accommodating them however and they're all set to fly home tomorrow. Unfortunately, they'll miss the public debriefing activities. Please pray for them as we'll be bringing closure to their time during their short stay at the hotel in Minneapolis before they head home on Thursday.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Round 2 training

Members of our three "round 2" summer teams arrived this week and began training for their outreaches with our YFC partners in Guatemala and our YWAM partners in Mexico and Taiwan.

Check out their pages in our "Summer 2007" section for updates and pictures, and please pray for them! The teams depart on July 25.

Our round 1 teams will be returning next week! Check out info on their debriefing concert by going to the summer page- come out if you're local!